Population Health Management and Community Health

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Community Coalition: The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children

Blue Zones Project (Healthways)

Accountable Health Communities: Insights from State Health Reform Initiatives (Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, 2014)

DSRIP: A Catalyst to Begin Developing Accountable Health Communities


Business Model Innovation

The Patient to Consumer Revolution (Oliver Wyman, 2014)

The Twin Engines of all Great Companies (Bain, 2012)

An Exploration of a Family-Centered Business Model (Business Innovation Factory and Children’s Health, 2017)

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Systems Thinking and Collective Impact

Leading from the Emerging Future: Excerpt (Scharmer & Kaufer, 2013)

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Collective Impact (Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011)

Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work (Stanford Social Innovation Review, January 2012)

Collective Impact Playbook

WINS (Working in Neighborhoods Strategically) – Final Report (2016)


In the News

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