We conduct market and organizational assessments, design and co-create a strategy and implementation plan, and organize and coordinate the build strategy.

“While ongoing legislative actions and payment structures can create favorable conditions for reform, our experience has taught us that successful population health strategies must include many stakeholders; from the individuals and families themselves to healthcare providers, insurers and a broad array of cross-sector community partners.”
-Peter W. Roberts, Consultant

Hospitals/health systems

  • Provide baseline assessment of population health capabilities
  • Develop or expand population health capabilities in cost-effective manner
  • Build vehicles for risk-based contracting if warranted in local market– accountable care organizations, health maintenance organizations, shared savings arrangements, delegated care management
  • Link effectively with community agencies to address social determinants of health for a population
  • Launch a collective impact initiative with community stakeholders to create alignment and activation
  • Evaluate business development opportunities against market strategies
  • Engage patients and families in co-creating solutions for health and well-being

Health plans

  • Build collaboratives across providers and community organizations
  • Develop risk-based contracts with provider organizations
  • Advance value-based models in the local marketplace with health providers and community agencies

Community service agencies

  • Launch a collective impact initiative to create alignment and activation
  • Build profitable linkages with local healthcare organizations
  • Integrate community services with healthcare providers

City/county government, foundations and other sponsors

  • Sponsor effective collaboratives to improve the health of a community
  • Integrate city/county services with healthcare providers
  • Lead communities in collaborative evaluation and action around health and well-being of populations